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Seton Hall Athletics Unveils New Varsity Weight Room

With the start of the new semester, Seton Hall student-athletes were greeted with a renovation that is sure to enhance their athletic potential.  The 2,500-square foot varsity weight room inside the Richie Regan Athletics Center received a complete overhaul including a new appealing design, state-of-the-art equipment and marquee amenities.
The renovation continues Seton Hall's goal of providing the finest facilities for its student-athletes and is made possible through the generosity of loyal Pirate Blue contributors, Hank '85 and Colleen D'Alessandro, who made the gift in honor of Monsignor Robert Sheeran.  Monsignor Sheeran stepped down at the conclusion of the 2009-10 fiscal year after serving 15 highly successful years as president of the University.
The equipment is being provided by the Power Lift Company of Jefferson, Iowa.  Regarded as highly durable and technologically advanced, Power Lift products are of the highest quality in the industry and are already utilized at fellow BIG EAST institutions Connecticut, Louisville, Notre Dame and Villanova.


Dramatic improvements were made aesthetically to the facility as well, including graphics portraying current athletes and Seton Hall greats from yesteryear, expanded office space to allow for future additions to the strength and conditioning staff, flat screen televisions, and digital surround sound.

The Seton Hall University sports performance staff recognizes each SHU student-athlete will spend a large amount of their undergraduate experience training and preparing for their sport. The staff hopes to enrich this experience with their expertise and abilities. The mission of the Pirates sports performance program is to foster a positive, safe, challenging and properly equipped training environment. Their approach allows coaches and athletes to work together towards developing an athlete's full physical and mental potential. The focal points of these comprehensive training programs include: mastery of correct training techniques, functional strength training, sport specific speed and agility development, sport specific conditioning and work capacity, flexibility and proper dietary practices.

Training programs incorporate sport specific, scientifically grounded training methods and principals in a year-round training cycle. Sports performance coaches also interact and collaborate with SHU sport coaches, sports medicine, and equipment staffs to design the best training programs. This will facilitate the individual's and team's ability to be competitive in conference, regional and national competitions.

All of Seton Hall's existing equipment was donated to the Teaneck Armory and the 5oth Main Support Battalion of the National Guard.  Members of their unit have served in Iraq and Afghanistan, some as recently as this past summer.