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2012-13 SAAC Members




The Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC) is a partnership of the student-athletes representing all 14 varsity sports at Seton Hall University, focusing on a variety of areas which impact student welfare. SAAC has four major areas of concentration; encouraging school spirit, creating and enhancing an all-encompassing Seton Hall student-athlete family experience, increasing community involvement, and organizing and executing community outreach initiatives such as the annual Mary Jennings Softball Tournament. Annually, the SAAC elects an executive board, establishing a leadership group that presides over this wide range of organizational functions. In addition, SAAC acts as a collective voice by providing input regarding proposed legislation at the institutional, BIG EAST and NCAA levels.


  • To provide student-athlete support for all intercollegiate athletics programs at the University.
  • To encourage active student participation in University community events.
  • To uphold the tradition, philosophy and student-athlete "code-of-conduct"
  • To establish a process for student-athlete participation in community service projects.
  • To develop leaders among the student-athlete population. 
  • To create a connection between the students and student-athletes of Seton Hall University



Participation in the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee is open to all academically and athletically eligible student-athletes from Seton Hall's 14 varsity programs. The committee is comprised of four elected executive officers (President, Vice President, Secretary and Public Relations) and a board of representatives. It is mandated that each NCAA-recognized sports team have a presence on the committee, and as such, the SHU athletics staff annually appoints two representatives from each program.

Members not appointed may also join to participate in SAAC events and meetings, but may have limited actions such as the inability to vote.



Representation from each team at all SAAC meetings is mandatory. After two unexcused absences, the member shall lose their seat from the organization. Failure to attend meetings on a regular basis will result in expulsion from SAAC and a search for a new representative will begin, under the direction of the SAAC officers. If a member is removed due to attendance issues, his/her team will not be able to gain another voting seat in SAAC until the following year.

An unexcused absence is defined as an absence from a regularly scheduled meeting without providing written notice to the secretary at least one day in advance. Medical emergencies are the only excused absences without prior written notification.




  • Each eligible SAAC Representative has the opportunity to run for an executive position.
  • Any SAAC Representative can nominate any other eligible SAAC Representative for executive office.
  • After a second nomination is received, that member will be placed on the official ballot.
  • After all nominations have occurred; a secret ballot vote shall be taken for the executive officers.
  • Each SAAC Representative has only one vote for each positionwith a total of two votes per team.
  • Election of officers will take place at the final meeting of the academic year


  • All candidates must be full-time undergraduate student-athletes at the University and must be enrolled and paid for a minimum of 12 credits.
  • All candidates must have a minimum GPA of 2.5.
  • Any student-athlete on social, academic or disciplinary probation is not eligible to run for elected office.