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The office of Academic Support Services for Student-athletes offers tutoring in a wide variety of subjects in both group and individual settings.

Drop-in tutoring is available each evening, 6:00-9:00 p.m., between Sunday and Thursday.  No appointment is necessary to take advantage of these services.  The drop-in tutoring schedule will be posted within the first week of each semester.

Tutoring is also available on a one-on-one basis throughout the week. For a regular, individual tutoring appointment, please follow the link below and complete the tutor request form as completely as possible, carefully indicating when you are not available for tutoring (e.g., class, practice, work, other standing obligations, etc.).

Please speak with the staff of Academic Support Services if you have any questions.
Tutoring Request Form

Seton Hall University
400 South Orange Avenue
Regan Athletics Center
South Orange, NJ 07079
Phone: (973) 761-9192 | Fax: (973) 761-9061



Name Title E-Mail
Laura Schoppmann Faculty Athletics Represesntative laura.schoppmann@shu.edu
Matthew Geibel Director / Academic Support Services matthew.geibel@shu.edu
Amanda DiDonato Assoc. Director / Academic Support Services amanda.didonato@shu.edu
Ryan Westman Academic Advisor / Academic Support Services ryan.westman@shu.edu
Melanie Calderwood Coordinator / Student-Athlete Development & Special Projects melanie.calderwood@shu.edu
Zachary Romash Graduate Assistant / Academic Support Services zachary.romash@student.shu.edu
Marissa Muoio
Graduate Assistant / Academic Support Services marissa.muoio@student.shu.edu