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Donation Requests


Seton Hall Athletics welcomes your donation requests.

Charitable, educational (8th grade or below only), or a non-for-profit organizations are eligible to receive a donation for fund-raising purposes. Proceeds or actual item may NOT be provided to a high school, preparatory school or 2-year college for any reason. ALL proceeds from the resale or auction of this item must go directly to the charitable, educational (8th grade or below only), or non-for-profit organization.

Each donation request will be individually reviewed and the appropriate gift will be determined by SHU Athletics personnel on a case-to-case basis.

Fill out Donation Form Here

The information obtained through this questionnaire is for the sole use of the Seton Hall Athletics and will not be released to any third parties.

NCAA Bylaw 13.15.1 prohibits all College faculty and staff members from participating in the following activities:

1. Donating memorabilia (e.g.tickets) to any organization/event/activity that involves/benefits high school aged students (9th grade-12th grade).

2. Participating in any event in which a donation will be provided to a high school, prep school or two year college.

3. Providing any financial contributions to a high school athletics program through participation in a fundraising event (e.g., paying greens fees to participate in a golf outing when any portion of the greens fees will go to benefit a high school athletic program).