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Lyons, Willard, Felt Visit with Seton Hall Phi Kappa Theta Alumni

Patrick Lyons, Seton Hall's athletics director, Kevin Willard, men's Basketball head coach, and Bryan Felt, director of Pirate Blue, visited with members of Seton Hall's Phi Kappa Theta Alumni Association at their annual Alumni and Friends Luncheon, Friday, June 3. 

Over 35 alumni and friends were in attendance for lunch at The Dublin House Pub and Restaurant in Red Bank, NJ.   

During the lunch, Lyons spoke of his excitement in leading Seton Hall Athletics, while Coach Willard previewed the upcoming men's basketball season.  Both also thanked those in attendance for their support as Pirate Blue donors and basketball season ticket holders.  Lyons stressed the importance of alumni support towards Pirate Blue for Seton Hall's athletics program to be successful. 

"Our goal as an athletic department will be to create a culture of excellence for our student-athletes, alumni and fans, this will only happen with the philanthropic support from all the Seton Hall faithful," Lyons said. 

At the conclusion of the discussion, those in attendance had the opportunity to ask questions and mingle with the speakers.  The event was made possible by Nicolas Scalera '63 who organized the luncheon as a member of both the Phi Kappa Theta Alumni Association and Pirate Blue.