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CLICK HERE to see Seton Hall's 2011-12 Community Outreach Initiatives.

Service to the community has long been at the core of Seton Hall's mission.  This is a sentiment that extends into the athletics community and is deeply rooted in the experience of a Seton Hall student-athlete.  In recent years, there has been a renewed focus among the 14 varsity programs regarding community involvement.  Each team has adopted a variety of causes, ensuring that their impact is not limited to the confines of the playing field.  Each year, student athletes participate in a number of on-campus and off-site events in support of causes ranging from cancer awareness and fighting hunger to promoting literacy.

"Our goal as an athletics department isn't only to ensure that our student-athletes improve on the playing fields, but also to grow both academically and spiritually as a person," said Director of Athletics Patrick Lyons.  "That personal growth is no more evident than in our devotion to philanthropic causes.  Each of our programs has been dedicated to assisting a myriad of charities, which is an undertaking we're very proud of."

The college experience is indeed a formative time in one's life. As such, the implementation of these initiatives is helping to build a foundation for a better tomorrow.   Not only do these efforts benefit the community, student-athletes leave Seton Hall with an understanding and appreciation of the true value of service, a lesson that lasts a lifetime.