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Student-Athletes Set New Standard for Community Enrichment

June 13, 2016 South Orange, N.J. - In conjunction with the H.A.L.L. (Helping Athletes Learn to be Leaders) Program and Seton Hall Athletics’ mission to enable all student-athletes to maximize their personal potential, Pirates student-athletes set a new benchmark in community enrichment with 3,168 volunteer hours during the 2015-16 academic year. This is third consecutive year that student-athletes have set a new department record for community service.

“Community service aids in Seton Hall’s overall mission of developing complete student-athletes,” said Emily Hansinger, a women’s soccer senior and president of the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC). “By doing service, we learn about the importance of giving back to the community by doing something greater than ourselves.”

Seton Hall student-athletes could be found volunteering across New Jersey, participating in events such as Freshman Move-In Day, Grow-A-Row, Reading with the Pirates, the Pen Pal Program, One Shirt One Body, Thanksgiving Basket Deliveries and visits to Barnabas Medical Center to interact with children.

“As a college athlete it is important to realize the privileges that we have in our environment,” said Jeff Larson, a sophomore on the men’s cross country team and SAAC representative. “Having these privileges gives us the opportunity to reach out to improve our communities for current and future generations, so that one day they will have the privileges and opportunities that we are given.”

The mission of the H.A.L.L. Program is to be the catalyst that transforms high school graduates into student-athlete leaders, and then leaders in the professional world. The H.A.L.L. Program consists of five different components, each designed to enhance the student-athletes’ experiences and develop the skills necessary to grow to be successful inside and outside the classrooms and post graduation.
  • Leadership Development
  • Student-Athlete Welfare Enhancement
  • Academic and Athletic Success Initiatives
  • Community Enrichment
  • Spiritual Growth