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Exclusive Offers for Seton Hall Pirates Fans


New Jersey Devils Ticket PASS
New Jersey Devils

The always dramatic end of the NHL's regular season is just around the corner. We want to make sure that because Seton Hall is a partner of the Devils, that you as a Seton Hall supporter are given the best opportunity to secure the top playoff seat locations remaining for the Devils post season, before anyone else. This offer also comes with a substantial discount and a complimentary food and beverage card for you to use during the Playoffs!

As a Seton Hall supporter, we are making the best remaining seat locations available to you, through a program we call "Pay As We Play".

Here's how it works:
  1. Through this link, you are given an opportunity to select from the best remaining available seat locations throughout the Pru Center.

  2. The seats you choose will be YOUR seats for every round of the Devils Playoffs!

  3. Although you will see the full “package price” listed on the link, your initial charge will be only for Round 1, Games 1 and 2. Then your credit card will ONLY be charged automatically, after each new home game is guaranteed to be played.

  4. After the second round of the playoffs, you will receive an opportunity to opt out of the program for Rounds 3 and 4.

Therefore, this is your chance for a guaranteed great seat, for every game of the Playoffs. If you choose to participate in this "Pay As We Play" program, your average per seat savings will be 16% vs. face value. All of the savings are listed below, by price category.

Your "Package Price" is the TOTAL price of each seat, for all 8 possible home games in Rounds 1 and 2. However, you are only charged your "Per Game Price", as each home game is confirmed, and only for the games actually played. You may purchase throughout this week, and if you secure your Playoff seats before the end of the day on April 7th, you will also receive:

A $100 Food and Beverage card per pair of seats, for each pair in the lower level
A $50 Food and Beverage card per pair of seats, for each pair in the 100/200 level

Food and Beverage cards will be available for pick-up at the first two home games of Round 1, by visiting the Fan Experience Table across from the Fire Lounge on the Main Concourse. Please bring an ID of the ticket purchaser.

After April 7th, prices will go up, and Food and Beverage cards will no longer be available.

This is your best opportunity to secure the best seats for a great Playoff run, all at special savings, and pay only as games are confirmed!

Get Ready For Playoffs and Get Your Jersey On! Secure Your Seats TODAY!

Your 8-Game Package
Price (Full Price)
Your Price Per
Game Round 1
Your Price Per
Game Round 2
Club Rows 2-18  $2,024 ($2,230) $248 $258
Club Rows 19-23  $1,880 ($2,300) $230 $240
Corners/Ends  $1,060 ($1,180) $130 $135
Faceoff Circle Rows 16-23  $1,020 ($1,140) $125 $130
Behind Goal Rows 6-10  $900 ($1,020) $110 $115
Behind Goal Rows 11-15  $752 ($900) $90 $98
Behind Goal Rows 16-24  $696 ($820) $84 $90
Goal Bar  $1,200 ($1,300) $145 $155
Mezz Center  $660 ($800) $80 $85
Mezz/Balcony  $560 ($640) $66 $74
Attack Balcony Rows 4-14  $520 ($640) $61 $69
Upper Tier  $460 ($520) $53 $62