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The H.A.L.L. Program

Seton Hall Athletics is proud to introduce the newly founded H.A.L.L. (Helping Athletes Learn to be Leaders) Program.

The culmination of a dedicated effort to centralize a number of student-athlete development initiatives, the H.A.L.L. Program will serve to further supplement the student-athlete experience at SHU in areas that transcend any workout room or field of play.

In accordance with the university’s mission of cultivating servant leaders, the stated mission of the H.A.L.L. Program is to “be the catalyst that transforms high school graduates into student-athlete leaders, and then leaders in the professional world.” Through a carefully crafted, five-pronged system, the H.A.L.L. Program is intended to not only guide student-athletes through their time as a Pirate, but provide first-hand experiences that will enable them to become trailblazers in their chosen fields as well.

The program’s efforts will be focused on offering continued opportunities for education and participation in the following areas: Leadership Development, Student-Athlete Welfare Enhancement, Academic and Athletic Success Initiatives, Community Enrichment, and Spiritual Growth.  

By employing this concentrated approach, Seton Hall Athletics aims to continue its tradition of providing a well-balanced experience that provides student-athletes the opportunity to compete at the highest level, and equips them with the tools and skills necessary to continue to do so once their playing career has concluded.

“We are very excited about the launch of our H.A.L.L. program,” said Director of Athletics Patrick Lyons. "We have introduced a number of initiatives in this area over the last few years and getting this program off the ground was considered a priority for all involved. Here at Seton Hall, we remain dedicated to not only promoting athletic success, but creating an atmosphere that stimulates and supports the growth of our student-athletes as individuals as well."

"This is something that I, along with the department, feel strongly about," Lyons continued. "We look to continue to set a standard in student-athlete development and I believe this program will serve to further that pursuit."

"Seton Hall places an emphasis on providing its student-athletes with the resources they need to succeed during and after their college careers," added Roberto Sasso, Assistant Athletic Director/Student-Athlete Development & Leadership. "Our primary function as an institution is to offer a diverse experience that will empower students to be successful after graduation and the implementation of the H.A.L.L. program is another example of Seton Hall Athletics' commitment to this endeavor."

Sasso, who played a major role in the development of the program and will function as its director, joined the SHU staff in the spring of 2013 and brought with him a wealth of experience in dealing directly with student-athletes. A former student-athlete himself at Florida International University, he came to The Hall after playing a similar role for the BIG EAST Conference. While an employee at the league office, he served on the BIG EAST Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC) of Administrators and was charged with a wide array of responsibilities related to the conference's personal development projects.

For an in-depth look at the H.A.L.L. program and all that it offers, please click HERE and don’t forget to follow @SHUHallProgram on Twitter.

For more information on the H.A.L.L. Program, please contact Sasso at roberto.sasso@shu.edu