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Blog From 2015 Pan Am Games - Arrival

Senior Associate AD Kimberly Keenan-Kirkpatrick will be providing updates throughout the Pan Am Games
July 16, 2015

The 17th Pan American Games began on July 10 in Toronto. Seton Hall sent three representatives to the games, including mens basketball's Angel Delgado competing for the Dominican Republic and legendary head coach John Moon coaching the United States Track & Field Team. Part of Moon's staff in Toronto is Seton Hall Senior Associate Athletic Director Kimberly Keenan-Kirkpatrick, who will be keeping a blog for SHUPirates.com throughout the games.


Day 1 at the Pan Am Games - Photo Gallery


I started my journey as a manager for the United States Track and Field (USATF) team at the Pan American games in Toronto on Tuesday, July 14th. I was fortunate to be a manager in Guadalajara four years ago and am back serving USATF. It will be an exciting two weeks, and through these updates I will share my experiences with our Seton Hall family.

USATF sends in an advance team to learn the ropes and get everything set for our athletes and staff who are set to arrive on Friday. The early arrival staff is led by our USATF Team Leader Aretha Thurmond who for many years was one of our top Olympians in the discus and now works for USATF to help our athletes through their international experiences. We also have the head manager for the women's team, head manager for the men's team, head athletic trainer, women's distance coach and myself, the event manager.

When I arrived at the Toronto airport, I was greeted by volunteers who sent me to the Pan Am Games line which was faster than speed pass at Disney. I was met by United State Olympic Committee (USOC) staff and driven to the US team processing center. There we took our head shots, received a bag full of USOC gear, had some lunch and then headed to the Athlete Village.

At the village, we checked into our rooms and began to explore. We visited the Technical Information Center (TIC), the dining hall, the transportation center, the laundry room, and the village shopping area. Later that evening we had a briefing from the USOC to review housing issues, security, athlete hospitality and other important tidbits that we will pass along to our athletes. After a short staff meeting we called it a night. Tomorrow's plan of action is to check out the practice venues and draft our schedule for the week to come.