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Blog From 2015 Pan Am Games - The Lay of the Land

Toronto, site of the 2015 Pan Am Games
July 17, 2015

The 17th Pan American Games began on July 10 in Toronto. Seton Hall sent three representatives to the games, including mens basketball's Angel Delgado competing for the Dominican Republic and legendary head coach John Moon coaching the United States Track & Field Team. Part of Moon's staff in Toronto is Seton Hall Senior Associate Athletic Director Kimberly Keenan-Kirkpatrick, who will be keeping a blog for SHUPirates.com throughout the games.

Day One Entry || Updated Photo Gallery

Scouting Out the Lay of the Land, Day 2 and 3 at the Pan Am Games

To begin day two, I went out for a six-mile run along a bike path that goes in all directions around the village and Toronto. This will help me direct our athletes where it is safe to run outside the village by seeing it first-hand.

Next, our staff went out to the athletics practice facility at Birchmount Stadium. We reviewed the area and checked on the available implements and facilities to make sure it will be good for our athletes to train at prior to their competition. After a bumpy school bus ride back, we worked out schedules for the coaches to cover practices as well as completion days. Some of our staff headed out to the marathon and race walk venue to check that out too. We ended the day with a nice dinner out in the Distillery Historic District, which had many trendy restaurants and shops to visit.

Day three began with a ten mile run in yet another direction on the Pan Am Games bike path with Camille Herron, one of the USOC athlete representatives who also happens to be one of our top ultramarathon runners in the United States. Luckily for me she had an easy day in her schedule! The path we were on is used by many bike commuters who choose to bike to work each day.

The staff then headed out to the competition track where we took a sneak peak at the completion track and also the warm-up track and call room areas. We met some of the Pan Am games staff who were employees of York University that helped walk us through the facility. One young lady, Colleen, was even a Kent State Alumni and she is sending an athlete to attend Seton Hall in the fall of 2016. Athletics is truly a small world!

In the late afternoon, we helped carry a few pallets worth of Gatorade product into the athlete lounge which was our strength workout for the day, and we still have more than half left in the basement! Then later we piled up the athlete gift bags in our suite to hand out as they begin to arrive tomorrow.

After a staff meeting later in the evening, we wound down the night with a 20 minute walk around the village and back to our rooms. Tomorrow brings the arrival of over 30 athletes and staff which will be welcomed into the village and given mini-tours to get them all situated.