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Men's Basketball Select-a-Seat FAQs

Reseating is conducted every two years so that donors to the Pirate Blue Athletic Fund and to other University funds can have the best possible seating options.  Many season ticket holders look at the reseating period as the best opportunity to improve their seat location by increasing their annual donation to Pirate Blue.

The Pirate Blue Athletic Fund was established in 1985 by legendary Seton Hall alumnus Richard J. Regan '53 to provide support for Seton Hall's growing intercollegiate athletic program.  The funds raised by Pirate Blue have faithfully supported Seton Hall's student athletes for more than two decades.

Frequently Asked Questions
Do I have to take part in the Select-a-Seat event?

All men's basketball season ticket holders are asked to take part in the Select-a-Seat event to ensure that they end up with a seat location that they were able to choose for themselves.  Even if you cannot attend the Select-a-Seat event in person, by filling out your re-seating survey and returning it to the Seton Hall Athletic Ticket Office you will be providing us with a description of your seating preferences, from which we could choose the best available seats that meet your requests.

Following the 2010 Select-a-Seat, season ticket holders will be able to maintain their selected seats every season going forward (as long as they maintain the required annual donation), foregoing future Select-a-Seat processes.  This can be done by enrolling in the "Hallowed Hall" program, which is offered to season ticket holders at the $1000 per seat contribution level and above.  More information about "Hallowed Hall" seats can be found below.

If I did not have season tickets last season, how do I get involved in the Select-a-Seat event?

The Select-a-Seat event is held every two years.  Individuals interested in becoming new season ticket holders for the 2010-11 season can choose from the available inventory, and will keep their seats for the 2010-11 and 2011-12 seasons.  To purchase season tickets and discuss available seat locations, or with any questions, please contact Richard Bello, Director of Athletic Ticket Sales, at (973) 275-2327 or via e-mail at tickets@shu.edu.

How is my seat selection time determined?

Each day of the Select-a-Seat event will be designated for the group of current and new season ticket holders at a specific donation level(s).  The breakdown of donation levels can be found in the table below:

Donation Level

$5000 per seat

$2500 per seat

$1000 per seat

$400 per seat

$200 per seat

$100 per seat

$50 per seat

Within each donation level, the order in which included season ticket holders will choose is based upon their standing in the Pirate Blue Priority Point System, which awards ticket holders for loyalty as a season ticket holder, support of, and service to the University.  For an exact breakdown of your Priority Points Statement, please contact the Seton Hall Athletic Ticket Office at (973) 275-HALL (4255).

How do I make a contribution to the Pirate Blue Athletic Fund?

To make a donation, please contact Pirate Blue by phone at (973) 378-9809 or CLICK HERE to make your contribution quickly and easily online.

I support other areas of the University, am I required to make a contribution to Pirate Blue also?

Yes.  Points are earned by giving to other areas of the University.  However, points are activated when a contribution has been made to the Pirate Blue Athletic Fund.

Is my contribution to the Pirate Blue Athletic Fund tax deductible?

Yes.  The Internal Revenue Code states that if seating priority for an athletic event is accepted as a direct result of a gift, the donor's gift shall be deductible at 80% of the amount contributed.  Any contribution to Pirate Blue by a season ticket holder, and any other contribution for which a season ticket holder receives Seton Hall Athletics ticket points and/or the right to sit in particular preferred sections, is subject to this limitation.

Can I keep the same seats I had last season?

All season ticket holders will maintain their seats selected during the 2010 Select-a-Seat Event (or after) for the 2010-11 and 2011-12 seasons.  However, you will still have to take part in the next Select-a-Seat process, which is currently scheduled for 2012. 

There is a way to maintain the right of first refusal on your seats in perpetuity (and not have to take part in the Select-a-Seat process in future seasons).  This is our "Hallowed Hall" seating program.  Any season ticket holder at the $1000 per seat donation level and above for the 2010-11 season will be granted the right of first refusal every subsequent season (given that he/she continues to make the required per seat contribution each year) on the seats that they choose through the 2010 Select-a-Seat process.

Will any seats be available when it is my turn to choose?

Yes, there will be seats remaining at your scheduled appointment time.  When you walk into the lower bowl of Prudential Center to select your seats, you will see placards placed on the seats which are no longer available.  The majority of these taken seats will have been selected by other season ticket holders whose appointment times were before yours.  A minimal number of seats will be reserved for the usage of Prudential Center and the Seton Hall Athletic Department.  Every seat without a placard is open for you to choose.

Will I be able to choose my seats with someone else who is also a season ticket holder?

Yes.  Season ticket holders wishing to sit with one another can request the same appointment time.  They must both be included in the same per seat donation level.  Their collective selection time will be determined by the ticket holder whose priority points total is the lowest amongst the group.

What if I cannot make my scheduled appointment time?

If you will not be available to attend the Select-a-Seat event at your scheduled appointment time, you have two options.  You can designate someone to choose for you at your time, or you can request that Seton Hall Athletics choose the best available seat for you at your selection time, based on your preferences as described in your Select-a-Seat survey (which all season ticket holders are asked to complete prior to the event). 

When will the next Select-a-Seat event take place?

The next scheduled Select-a-Seat event will be in the Summer of 2012, prior to the 2012-13 season.  All season ticket holders involved in the 2010 Select-a-Seat event will be able to keep their same seats for the 2010-11 and 2011-12 seasons.

When are my season tickets and Pirate Blue contribution invoices due?

Both balances are due to be paid in full by September 13, 2010.  Season tickets will not be distributed unless the ticket holder's balance is paid.

Will I be able to purchase season tickets after the Select-a-Seat event?

Seats not chosen during Select-a-Seat will be available for purchase on a season ticket basis following the Select-a-Seat event.  A per seat donation level will be assigned to these remaining seats based on their location.