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Pirate Blue Holds Athletic Director's Club Reception

Pirate Blue's annual reception for members at the Athletic Director's Club giving level was held on Sunday, August 7, 2011 at the home of Jim '82 and Judy O'Brien in Mantoloking, N.J. Pirate Blue members enjoyed a luncheon while looking out on the beautiful Barnegat Bay. 

University President, Gabriel A. Esteban, Seton Hall Athletics Director, Patrick Lyons, men's basketball Coach, Kevin Willard and Director of Pirate Blue, Bryan Felt spent the afternoon thanking all in attendance for their loyal and generous support to Pirate Blue. 

"The support of Pirate Blue donors is critical to our success and this was a special way to express our gratitude to some of our most dedicated and generous supporters," said Lyons. "We are also truly grateful to Jim and Judy for their efforts to help our program and for hosting this event."

Host Jim O'Brien also serves as co-chair of the Board of Regents Sub-Committee for Athletics and enjoyed the opportunity to meet other Pirate Blue members.

"All of us share the same passion and pride for Seton Hall Athletics and realize the importance in giving back," O'Brien said. "To be able to spend time with our athletic leadership provided us a glimpse of the bright future ahead for the Pirates." 

The Pirate Blue Athletic Fund directly supports the Seton Hall Department of Athletics and our 200-plus student athletes.  Pirate Blue strives to embrace and engage the most dedicated Pirate fans within the Seton Hall community to further promote the passion and camaraderie that makes the University so unique. To make your gift to Pirate Blue, visit us online at www.pirateblue.com.