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Athletics Student-Athletes, Coaches and Administrators Assist at 2011 Move-In Day

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With the official start to the 2011-12 academic year inching ever closer, the Seton Hall University held its annual Move-In Day on August 25.  Several representatives of the University's department of athletics donated their time to assist the incoming Class of 2015 move in to Boland Hall, a freshman dormitory.

In some cases, entire teams turned out to welcome the University's newcomers.

Despite humid conditions and occasional bouts of rain, Seton Hall student-athletes, coaches and administrators were eager to lend a hand.

"It's something I've never done before, but it's something I feel like I owe to the student-athletes and the general populous of Seton Hall," said assistant softball coach Bob Guerriero.  "I had three daughters that had to go through move-in days, and it's time to give back.  Move-in Day means a fresh start and fresh attitudes."

A pair of fall teams ready to open their regular seasons brought the majority of their teams to Move-In Day.  The men's soccer team begins their season on August 26 vs. Rider at Owen T. Carroll Field, while the women's volleyball team opens up on the road with a pair of matches at the Colgate Classic, Aug. 26-27.  Both programs were well represented at Boland Hall.

"We're trying to get all of these freshmen moved into Boland (Hall) and give them a nice warm welcome to Seton Hall and hopefully they enjoy their experience," said senior men's soccer defender Bradley Kerstetter.  "We're also here to get people to come out to our first game against Rider.  (This experience) has been great.  People are excited to be moving in to Seton Hall.  Everyone's been warm and excited to be here."

Head volleyball coach Kris Zeiter was glad to be able to pitch in as well.

"It's great for the Seton Hall community," Zeiter said.  "It's important to integrate ourselves with these freshmen and make them aware of our team and get them to Walsh Gym to watch us play.  It's a great opportunity for us."

"We know how hard it is to move stuff in and out of the dorms, so we just wanted to do our part," said senior volleyball player Krissy Wrobel.  "It's also a great way to let these freshmen know when our matches are so they can come and support us."

Participating in her second Move-In Day, women's golf head coach Sara Doell recognizes the importance of embracing the freshmen class.

"I helped the incoming freshmen move in last year and thoroughly enjoyed it," said Doell.  "I think it's important the freshman get a good sense of home and unity on campus.  This is a chance to encourage that sense right at the start of their college experience."

Swimmer Evan Forbes received move in assistance last year as a freshman.  Now, he's paying back the favor as a sophomore.

"When I moved in, it was a nice day and even then it was a lot of work," Forbes said.  "With the weather the way it is today, it makes it even tougher, so I'm really glad I'm here to help."