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Pirates Attend 'A Call to Men' Seminar

Sept. 26, 2014

On Thursday, September 25, all Seton Hall male student-athletes attended Ted Bunch's 'A Call to Men' educational seminar.

Presented in conjunction with the Counseling and Psychological Services Office (C.A.P.S) and the Sexual Assault and Violence Education Team, the aim of the program was to illuminate and help shift social norms that negatively impact our culture while promoting a more healthy and respectful definition of manhood.

The discussion focused on ending domestic violence and sexual assault in society; especially on college campuses.

Some of the highlights of the presentation included men’s freshman Isaiah Whitehead participating in a discussion moderated by Bunch in front of the group, focusing on how it is acceptable for men to show all forms of emotion, and not just anger.

“I think this was an extremely valuable presentation,” said men’s soccer senior captain Mateusz Brela. “I'm glad that my entire team was able to attend because the discussion really opened up our eyes and put things in perspective regarding current issues.”

The dialogue provided a visual example to all in attendance regarding the positive ways that men can communicate each other while breaking out of the proverbial "Man Box."

At the end of the night, all in attendance were invited to the stage if they would pledge to do their best to promote ways to end sexual and domestic violence. He encouraged all student-athletes to be peer leaders on campus and challenge all forms of violence against women.

One of the first to take the stage was another men’s basketball freshman, Michael Nzei, a native of Nigeria where a recent CLEEN Foundation study reported domestic violence rates as high as 30 percent.

Shortly after, the rush of student-athletes ensued and they all vowed to make a difference and challenge the current men's social norms regarding sexual assault and violence.

"I enjoyed how this program approached this topic differently,” said men’s golfer Kevin O’Brien. “Instead of attacking men he provided ways for men to join the conversations on domestic violence. This allows us to all work together in eliminating these issues for good."


Ted Bunch is recognized both nationally and internationally for his expertise in organizing and educating men in the effort to create a healthier and more respectful manhood. His presentation involves a conversation with men, in the presence of women. Please visit ACallToMen.org for more information.