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Feel the excitement, live your dream and cheer for a Big East Conference Team!


Seton Hall Uinversity cheerleading is a competitive cheer program that cheers for both men and women basketball, attends community affairs and competes on a national level each year. The team is currently a coed program made up of 22 cheerleaders, 6 dancers and a mascot, which practice 9 hours per week and maintain a GPA of 3.0 or higher.We thank you for your interest in Seton Hall Cheerleading and if you have any questions please email Athletics Marketing Manager Alyx Ayer at alexandra.ayer@shu.edu


We encourage you to come to a home mens or womens basketball program to feel the fun and excitement of being a Seton Hall University Cheerleader!


Frequently asked questions:

When are try-outs held?

Try-outs are held twice a year. We hold a try-out in the spring for returning cheerleaders and students enrolled at Seton Hall as of January that year. We hold a second try-out during the second week in Septemeber for all incoming freshmen and transfer students.

What are the requirements to cheer at Seton Hall University?

We are a competitive program which requires our athletes to be physically fit, have a standing backhandspring and a tumbling pass both on a matted surface and a basketball court.

Does Seton Hall offer scholarships for cheerleading?

We do not offer a schloarship for cheerleading. We do pay for any travel expenses to attend basketball games and we also offer priority points for campus housing.

Does the cheerleading program attend any cheerleading competitions?

Yes, we attend a local, regional and national cheerleading championship each year after cheerleading for basketball season.

What does try-outs consist of?

1. An interview with the coach and team leaders

2. We will teach you a sideline

3. We will teach you a dance

4. You will perform a jump, tumble and a tumbling pass

5. We will have a stunting clinic

6. Your appearance (We require a strong collegiate appearance, neat hair and makeup)

When does the season begin and end?

Our season begins in September and ends in April

What is a typically week for a Seton Hall Cheerleader?

We practice 3 days per week, work out a minimum of 3x week, perform at local & national affairs. We also support our athletic department by doing weekly spirit rallies on Campus to promote sport events.