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Seton Hall's Graduate Success Rate for Student-Athletes Exceeds National Average

SOUTH ORANGE, NJ - Seton Hall Athletics released recently the NCAA's report on Graduation Success Rate (GSR).  The Pirates' student-athletes continue to graduate at a rate far exceeding the national average, according to the latest data from the NCAA.

The NCAA's Graduation Success Rate (GSR) data indicates that Seton Hall's student-athletes graduate at a rate of 87 percent, eight percent better than the national rate of 79 percent.

The GSR calculations measure graduation in a six-year time frame from initial college enrollment.  The methodology was developed by the NCAA as part of its academic reform initiative to more accurately measure the academic success of Division I student-athletes by better accounting for the many different academic paths followed by today's college students.

The GSR rated seven different Seton Hall programs.  Among them were superlative numbers from baseball (89%), women's basketball (88%) and women's "other", which includes softball, tennis, soccer, softball and volleyball, that rated at an astounding 97%. 

Across the NCAA, the Graduation Success Rate for student-athletes who began college in 2003 is 79 percent. While this rate matches the GSR for the past two years and continues to be the highest ever in Division I, it has risen five points in nine years of GSR collection.

The average Graduation Success Rate for the last four graduating classes also is 79 percent, matching last year's GSR for the four-year cohort.

NCAA President Mark Emmert stressed that the data continue to help erase the perception of the so-called "dumb jock."

"Our work toward enhancing the opportunities for student-athletes to be successful academically isn't finished, but we continue to make progress," said Emmert. "Our student-athletes are engaged on their campuses, they are competing hard in all that they do, and they are achieving important successes on and off the field and court."