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Athletics Promotes Student Achievement Program

Seton Hall visits schools

Nov. 4, 2013

Seton Hall athletics' made two stops at Forest Street School in Orange, NJ and Maple Avenue School in Newark, NJ this past week to promote the Student Achievement Program.

This program allows schools to reward students for achievements in reading, grades, attendance and other important areas. The program, which is currently still active, allows schools to promote the importance of good academics through Seton Hall tickets.

During both assemblies, the kids were greeted with Seton Hall giveaways and a chance to have their picture taken with the Pirate mascot. Students were also lectured on the importance of academics and achieving the goals set for them. These two specific schools set goals in reading and being on time to school and both have seen success from the majority of their students thus far.

Any student that achieves the academic goal is rewarded with a free ticket to a Seton Hall men's basketball game. If you are interested in bringing this program to your school, please contact James Haley at 973-761-9692 or email james.haley@shu.edu.