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H.A.L.L. Program

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In partnership with Seton Hall University’s Fellowship of Catholic University Students (FOCUS), the completely optional Ministry will work to further Seton Hall’s Catholic mission based on the Catholic tradition. Some goals of the program are to:

Establish a “student chaplain” for each team who is responsible for prayer and other ministry related activity

Encourage coaching staffs to allow for prayer, bible study, and mass attendance while on team travel whether a priest is present or not

Offer formation to coaching staffs related to sharing their own faith and how it impacts their own lives as models of inspiration for athletes


Varsity Catholic is a division of FOCUS specifically dedicated to student-athletes.

FOCUS is a national organization based in Denver founded in 1998. 15 years later, FOCUS is present on 74 campuses in 28 states nationwide. Varsity Catholic is an initiative that was launched by FOCUS in 2007 with the aim of “developing the complete student-athlete.” Varsity Catholic helps enrich the student-athlete experience through stated core values of “Community, Faithfulness and Service,” while providing an outlet to pursue their faith in conjunction with their athletic and academic commitments. As of 2012, Seton Hall is one of eight universities in the country with a full-time Varsity Catholic presence.

For the 2012-2013 school year there was significant involvement in Varsity Catholic:

For more information on Varsity Catholic, visit their homepage or contact Terry Phillips, FOCUS Missionary/Varsity Catholic at Seton Hall: terry.phillips@focus.org

H.A.L.L. Program