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Club Sports

A club sport is a group of individuals organized for the purpose of furthering their common interest in a sport and recognized in accordance with this manual. Each club's primary goal is to promote and develop participation in that activity. Club sports give the campus community an opportunity to learn a new sport, meet people with the same interests, and maintain a competitive outlet. Club sports are funded through player dues and the fund raising efforts of their respective members. The teams practice regularly and participate in extramural competition.

Although the club sport program is overseen by the Department of Athletics and Recreational Services, the teams should not be mistaken for the intercollegiate sports that are also supported by the department. In a club, the members assume the financial responsibilities and assist in organization. There are no athletic scholarships available for club sport participants. In accordance with the academic policies of the University, students must meet and maintain certain eligibility requirements. The exact University standards and probationary guidelines are specified in the undergraduate bulletin.

Seton Hall University Club Sport Manual - CLICK HERE


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Women's Volleyball

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For more information about club sports call: (973) 761-9722