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All contributions to the Pirate Blue Athletic Fund are greatly appreciated. Recognition levels begin with an annual contribution of $100 and members receive the following benefits based on their total contribution.


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Donations are tax deductible for the amount of the donation less the market value of benefits offered as indicated above. Donation totals are accumulated from July 1 to June 30 each year.

* Hospitality room available at all men's basketball home games with complimentary food and open bar - for season ticket holders only.

** Pre-game Acela Club Hospitality room available before all men's basketball home games - for season ticket holders only.

Once a Pirate, Always a Pirate

Varsity Club The Pirate Varsity Club (PVC) was established through the Pirate Blue Athletic Fund as Seton Hall's athletic alumni association. Membership will consist of all former Seton Hall student-athletes who feel it is important to have a connection and enjoy a continued association with Pirate athletics.

The PVC core goals:

Membership Benefits: Pirate Varsity Club members bleed pirate blue! Join the PVC and become part of the growing movement of Pirate alumni who are recognized as extraordinary individuals for continuing to contribute to the Seton Hall athletic tradition.


Student Club The Pirate Blue Student Club is designed for students interested in the advancement of Seton Hall University Athletics. Joining the Pirate Blue Student Club entitles members to a special Pirate Blue gift, invitations to special pre- and post-game events, student bus trip to see Pirate take on in-state rival, Rutgers and away game television viewing parties. All Pirate Blue Student Club members will have access to the GEICO Pirate Blue Student Club Hospitality area before all Men's Basketball Prudential Center home games with free food and soft drinks. This is an exclusive area open only to Pirate Blue Student Club members!

You can join the Pirate Blue Student Club for only $10!

The Pirate Blue Student Club also allows students to get an early start in earning priority points toward eventual alumni season tickets, reserved seating and other benefits upon graduation and throughout their lives. Contact Pirate Blue for more information: (973) 761-9154 or reyna.salvatore@student.shu.edu.

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Beginning with the 2007-08 Men's Basketball season, Seton Hall Athletics implemented a priority seating program which required an annual per seat donation on season tickets in Prudential Center. Priority seating asks that each season ticket holder make a specific per seat contribution, pre-determined by the sections in which they hold seats, which is in addition to the cost of the season ticket.

All monies generated through the additional seat donation go directly to the Pirate Blue Athletic Fund to support our programs by providing funding for individual sport programs, equipment, team travel and upgrades to the athletics facilities. The generosity of our donors ensures that our student-athletes are able to effectively compete in both the BIG EAST and national arenas.

In addition, by making the seat donation each season ticket holder's contribution is counted toward their annual Pirate Blue membership thus making them eligible for benefits that are commensurate to their level of contribution. Also, all the monies contributed by each account holder via the seat donation are counted for priority points.

The order in which season ticket holders are assigned their seats will be determined by individual point total and percentile rank relative to other season ticket holders within a designated section. For example, a season ticket holder whose point total ranks in the 99th percentile within their selected contribution level (the top 1 percent of point totals) will be placed in the first group to select their seat location.

Seton Hall men's basketball season ticket holders accrue points based on the following criteria:


Loyalty Service


Many companies will match your gifts to Seton Hall University. Please consult the benefits office at your place of employment. You may be able to double or triple the value of your gift.