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Preserving our tradition. Transforming our future.

What is the Pride & Excellence Campaign?

The Pride & Excellence Capital Campaign is the athletic department's effort to generate the private financial capital needed to execute and support an unprecedented athletic facility expansion plan. The campaign seeks to provide all Seton Hall student-athletes with superior athletic and academic resources and to position Seton Hall Athletics as a nationally-respected and competitive program.

How is the Pride & Excellence Campaign different from Pirate Blue annual giving?

For many years, the Pirate Blue Athletic Fund has been the primary driving force behind  Seton Hall University's continued growth in athletics.  Pirate Blue provides resources necessary to ensure Seton Hall student-athletes the opportunity to achieve their maximum academic and athletic potentials. However, Pirate Blue contributions make up only 25 percent of the department's annual operating budget, and the competitive
landscape in college athletics has raised the bar nationwide.

Pirate Blue annual support is still critical to the Athletic Department's success.  Capital giving is an additional opportunity to support Seton Hall's athletic programs.
Universities must continually improve their facilities to attract elite student-athletes and produce nationally-ranked teams.

The financial support provided by the Seton Hall Athletics Capital Campaign will enable us to pursue major capital projects on a regular basis, while the Pirate Blue Athletic Fund will ensure that our student-athletes have the opportunity to succeed in the classroom and on the playing field.

What will the Pride & Excellence Campaign do for Seton Hall?

The campaign will generate the resources and facilities necessary to successfully recruit, educate, develop and graduate young people as our nation's most productive student-athletes, alumni and citizens. The multi-purpose facilities will allow our athletics program to compete nationally, create a championship culture where student-athletes can compete and learn, and serve as a source of pride for our student body, alumni community and dedicated fans.

What are the features of the new facilities?

A brand new two tiered glass enclosed Fitness Center for all students, faculty, staff and community. Complete with brand new cardio equipment, core studio, weight room and multi-purpose rooms. 

New sports medicine and treatment center including dedicated examination and hydrotherapy rooms.

New academic center featuring dedicated study halls and tutoring rooms, a computer lab, and office space for academic staff and tutors.

New team locker rooms and meeting space for baseball, men's and women's cross country, men's and women's golf, men's and women's soccer, softball, men's and women's swimming & diving, women's tennis and women's volleyball.

New dedicated Athletic Hall of Fame area.

Various enhancement to Walsh Gymnasium.

New audio/visual editing and film review facilities.

Who will benefit from the new facilities?

All of Seton Hall's students, student-athletes, staff, faculty and community as well as the coaches and staffs of Seton Hall's fourteen NCAA men's and women's programs.  

How close will the renderings be to the actual finished project?

These renderings are initial designs and will serve as a vision for the architectural plans.

What is the timeline for the Pride & Excellence Campaign?

The Pride & Excellence Campaign, which has been operating informally for several months already, will seek to generate necessary funding over the next several years.  Physical construction could begin at any time during that period, contingent on the amount of funding raised and the needs of the athletic programs.


 How can I contribute to/get more information about Pride & Excellence?


Visit http://www.prideandexcellence.com.

Contact the Pirate Blue Athletic Fund at (973) 275-6447 or email Bryan Felt at Bryan.Felt@shu.edu or Jay Judge at Jay.Judge@shu.edu