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Alma Mater

Originally written by Charles A. Byrne in 1936, the Seton Hall University Alma Mater was officially adopted by the University in 1937 when the dean read it before the student body. The original music was composed by Nicola A. Montani and was revised by Walter Cohrssen in 1978. A new choral and brass arrangement was added by John Nowik in 2000.

The alma mater is frequently sung at Seton Hall men's and women's basketball games and it is tradition for the song to be performed after each game.

It has become a recent tradition for the SHU men's basketball team to line up on the court after each home game, regardless of the outcome, and sing the alma mater with the Pirate faithful.

Seton Hall Alma Mater (Lyrics by Charles A. Byrne '37)

To Alma Mater all be loyal, keep her name in purest light.
Never waver from her precepts, guard her banner blue and white.
O sing her praise to highest skies and be ye faithful in her eyes,
for she will foster all your dreams,
her name is Seton Hall.

When on life's hard stones you stumble, pray to God to be your guide.
Think of Seton Hall your mother, then forge on in steady stride.
O sing her praise to highest skies, and be ye faithful in her eyes,
for she will foster all your dreams,
her name is Seton Hall.

Fight Song

Although there is no known date for the publishing of the most modern version of the Seton Hall University fight song, the cheer represents a culmination of a number of SHU chants and cheers dating all the way back to the 1920's.

The earliest version of the modern fight song dates back to that era of the 1920 just as athletics were becoming an important tradition in South Orange. One chant closely resembles today's battle cry:

For the Blue / For the White / For the Blue and White / We will fight, fight, fight / Fight team (pause), Fight Fight.

"Onward Setonia"

Onward Setonia / We are bound for victory
Hazard Zet Forward / We will honor that decree
Onward Setonia / Stand up proud and stand up tall
Fight! Fight! Fight!
For the blue and white
And the glory of Seton Hall!
S! H! U!